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i had an xacti C6, liked the shape and portability, liked the look of the still photos and the video was good enough for me.

however it was lost last year and so i bought an xacti CG9 - terrible still photos, absolutely shocking compared to the C6. i've checked samples online just to confirm that i didn't have a duff example. when zoomed in the details are furry, looks like the camera is applying a photoshop paint effect filter. seems to be the same for stills on all the current xacti models, surprised it isn't mentioned more often to be honest

so no more xacti's for me. the tx-1 fits the bill in the form and portability departments, the still shots i've found online (not just canon's) look much more accurately detailed, and again the video is good enough for me (holiday/kids clips).

my one worry was the awkward handling mentioned in several reviews, but i don't mind shooting two handed and i noticed that a few reviewers who had it for more than a weekend said they got used to the handling as time went on. portability has to create some compromises, i think i could live with it.

what were your reasons for selling? and do you have another?
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