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Sorry, most people around here, except for the moderators and a few others, are a bit slack to respond to messages asking for help, or a better world.

If you of to the camera list thread, and footage thread at top of the list, and review threads, you will often find this information. The moderator that maintains the camera list threads needs a hand in list new models, as there are too many, and many people now are listing new models outside the thread.

As for the 720p60 versus 1080p30 debate. Yes and no, sometimes the interpolation is done porer and the 720p or 1080p mode suffers. You do get some better compression from the higher data-rate presenting more similar frames for compression, and less blur (but in daylight the shutter might be so fast on 1080p30 (if the cameras works that way) that you get reduced blur and enough similarity between frames. 1080i is where it often suffers, but 1080p30 is as compressible as 720p30, maybe more, a the extra pixels are still rendering the same scene, so I imagine that increase efficiency a bit.

The problem is that manufacturers still off better data rate on 1080p30 mode (using 1440 pixels across) than 720p60 which uses a lot more pixels per-second. Sometimes it seems to be less than double the 720p 4.58 mode, and sometimes double. There is some efficiency gain with the higher data rate, but even at 720p60 approx 9mb/s it is still a lot less than the 1080p30 modes of the best cameras. They need to be similar or, 720p60 a lot more. However, the 1080p often suffers more from rolling shutter slanted images (wobbles a lot) than 720p60 and I imagine that might be, at least, a little less compressible. The reality is test, test, test, for these things to determine which camera produces best in which mode. We really need a website fro this. A convenient hybrid cam site.

Looking at the Kodak zi6, I think the same sensor as the HSHD, but less features and more expensive. Looking at it again, it may have similar data-rates, or higher, but unknown. I thought the HSHD had less, as in real life many of the 720p60 modes achieve less than nearly 9mb/s quoted. The Samsung hmx10c model does 60fps, maybe the same sensor, and maybe a higher data-rate.

There are newer better cameras coming through, I have industry sources, and spoke with one about this. 10 mpixel was talked about (10mp still, or video, probably stills, video would be a very big data-rate) and I imagine higher data rates) that person has evaporated again.
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