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In August, I bought an Action HD 1080P for my niece's (12th) birthday in early October. Since I had it, I figured I would play with it and learn it so I could show her the ropes for when we would be going to Disney World. After about the 3rd day of carrying the camera around in my shirt pocket, I simply fell in love with it. I've had camcorders of all lineal varieties since I bought a Panasonic semi-pro Super VHS camera in 1986 that was the size of a small bazooka. My last purchase was the palm size Sony HDR-CX12. In all I have owned 6 camcorders. What I have found over the years is that I never really used the cameras that much because it was a hassle to remember/hold/transport them. I found the Aiptek to be a whole different animal. Since it fits in a pocket, I actually found myself taking it with me quite frequently (at times when I would never have considered taking the CX12).

When it came time to surrender the Aiptek to my niece her birthday week, I felt sad to see it go. So, I dedcided to buy another one for myself. Then as I was web shopping for the Action HD I found Amazon to be taking pre-orders on the Action HD GVS. When I found that the GVS stood for stabilization, I made the decision towait until I could buy one, because the only fault I ever found with the Action 1080p was its lack of stabilization.

In the time that I have pre-ordered at Amazon (they haven't charged me anything yet, BTW) I found several reviews of the same camera available elsewhere (AHD Z600). Overall, I think I made the correct choice. Aiptek seems to have gotten everything right except the stabilization in the HD 1080P. The GVS stabilization along with the 5x zoom, seem to predict a very nice pocket sized camera.

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