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I think I might have seen a cheaper price.

Sumix and elphel do cheaper camera heads, but they are Ethernet based, if that helps (though I had been prompting them to do component/HDMI out). The Elphel model will have a flash drive recording in the case. The sensors are similar to the ones used here, but full HD, higher quality. The solution is less than $1000, but then you have to get flash and other components. I imagine that Sumix might be looking at something similar. This is all DIY stuff. hosts project threads in their alternative imaging forum.

Next year Red will have a $2.5K 3K camera out (will probably do more than 60fps at 1080p). There might be a cheaper camera, haven't been able to talk Jim into producing a low end $500 camera based on the ambarella chip-set (the 16mb/s+ ones), but that can be done separately. Kiyoshi, if you know any of those millionaires, their money would be better spent in getting really descent $300-$500 camera produced, there are people out there I know.


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