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I am having a look at the footage shot first, the pan and motion tests. The red color and the skies turning white. Back before I learned a lot from technical stuff, professionals would not touch single chip cameras because they were hobbled with complimentary color filtered sensors (yellow, cyan etc) instead of the red green blue combinations used to day. The sensors used to produce a lot of error in color etc, though they allowed a bit extra light, but ultimately red green and blue had to be reconstructed from estimates. The Bayer GRGB filter patterns do this but are much more accurate, as they start with the primary colors to begin with. It was before I learnt a lot about camera, but these sensors are sued on low quality cameras for extra light and just to ruin the image, and I wonder if it could be what is causing these image problems, anybody familiar with this.

A work around for the red problem is to use a filter that filters out the correct portion of the red color (it may lead to a little bit more noise though, and less accuracy than correcting in camera, as mentioned before). They used to sell these filters for consumer cameras to correct the deliberate color imbalance manufacturers used to introduce, but they would be tailored for that imbalance.
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