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John Hill
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It has arrived!

Although an obvious close relative of the one I already have this new arrival is quite different. It has a mount on the back, the tapered type like a T adapter would mount to but it is quite big compared to the bits I have already, the mount is about 2 1/4" or 58mm in diameter. There is a reducer/adapter/teleconverter on there which takes it down to 42mm (same thread as camera) so with an adapter ring the camera mounts OK but I cant get focus.:sad:

The teleconverter thing might not be intended for this lens as it is marked 1:8 f=1000mm but this lens is only 500mm, hmmm, might or might not be original do you think?

Someone has had the lenses out of the TC which might be the cause of no focus but really I dont need this, I would rather get the Pentax AF adapter to mate up to the 58mm diameter taper. Is now the time to lodge an application with the domestic finances management for authority to buy a little lathe?:roll:

Otherwise the lens looks in great shape though rather dusty some of which might be inside, mirrors primary and secondary look nice and clean.

But hey, how cool is this? It has its own neat leather** strap on jacket which incorporates the carry handle?:G

**(leather from a vinyl cow)

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