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weather's been horrid all weekend, but it brightened up just a little this afternoon - no sun, but at least the clouds thinned out enough to let a little light through - so i headed for the park to see if there was anything to shoot. seems i can't go a week without getting out to take pictures... anyway, i found this young red-tailed hawk sitting in a tree, and he was good enough to allow me to take a number of photos. not the best, due to the light - certainly nothing like Roger's outstanding series - but finding a red-tail out in the open, this close, and willing to sit for photos, is pretty rare in these parts, so i took what i could get!:G 40D, 400mm, 1/640 @ f/7.1. shot in manual mode, 1-2 stops overexposed to compensate for backlighting and crappy light...

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