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jazzhdv178 wrote:
pgomberg wrote:
I know this a bit OT, sorry, but I just noticed last night that Vimeo will now only allow you to upload ONE HD video a week. If you upload more than that, they will convert it to standard def. For me the whole luster of Vimeo was that you could post your HD videos and actaully WATCH them in HD....

....I think I'm going to look for an alternative. Anyone have any suggestions for free alternatives to what Vimeo USED to be?
I just found a FREE hosting site called Exposure Room ( that out-Vimeos Vimeo itself. In fact, I'd liken it to a very professional version of Vimeo. The site is focusing on hosting HD videos, but will accept other formats (including audio and still picture files). Like Vimeo, users get their own home page and can block or password protect their uploads, and they can make their uploads downloadable in original form if they choose.

But unlike Vimeo, there is NO LIMIT on the number or size of uploaded files! They "suggest" keeping individual files to less than 1GB! Anduploads go MUCH faster for me... I did a test upload of a 200Mb file and averaged about 1 Mbps, where I was lucky to average 140Kbps on Vimeo! And once uploaded, the file is rendered in THREE frame sizes keeping the actual aspect ratio with the SAME apparent video quality so that any user can stream view at least one of the files in very high quality rendering without pauses or stuttering. My 1280x720p test upload displays in it's full size with the "HD" option, in 640x360 size with the "MD" option, and in 336x189 size with the "Low" option. And you can selectone of your video's individualframes to display as the video thumbnail picture on your home page.

It took about 30 miuntes after my upload for the first viewable video option (Low) to appear, and about an hour for all three options. Here's a link to the test video... it defaults to the "MD" option, I think:

This is almost too good to be true, and it would not surprise me if they decide to clamp down and/or start charging for the service at some point. But they do have some not-so-gaudy links to various commercial services, etc. to generate income, so maybe I'm wrong. In any event, for now this is THE place to host your videos, especially HD videos!
Very nice find. Good video. Also, brings back memories when I built my first rc plane. If I had a action hd everyone could have seen the veteran instructor nose dive my plane on it's maiden flight from about 200 feet in the air at full throttle. Ah, I still remember the awesome sounds: OH S**t, Headsup..............THUNK!!!!

Nothing kills your will to fly RC planes, when you have to load your $500 investment in a trash bag to get it off the field.
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