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The major danger in cold weather is condensation when moving the camera from a cold area to warm, such as coming inside or following the often given misguided advice to put your camera under your coat between shots. A problem is that batteries loose capacity in the cold. Once you get down to about forty below, the LCD can malfunction though I have not heard of it failing to recover.

To avoid condensation, put your camera into a plastic bag *BEFORE* going into a warm area and leave it there until it has warmed up. If you need the photos quicker than the couple of hours that takes, put the memory card in a separate bag - since it is smaller it will warm much quicker. Some folks advocate zip-lock bags but I prefer large bags that can be twisted shut and folded under the camera as it is set down. (My fingers and/or the zip-lock don't seem to work real well when cold.) It is not the same problem as throwing your camera into a lake.
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