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jessaj wrote:
wayyy off topic here.

I am looking for an inexpenve but still good hd camcorder for my b/f to get me for christmas, he said I have to do research and looks for reviews, fair enough. Well...every camera I look at has rubbish reviews! Was searching from8pm-2am last night and found nothing. Its not the first time I've looked, these past two weeks I've searched a lot. Now I was looking on ebay and found a camera that LOOKS good, but I can't even find ONE review on it! I was wondering if anyone couldhelp me out a little?

Is the one I was looking at. If you think its a pooy camera then maybe a couple suggestions? I don't like the look of those lottle cameras that are cheap and are everywhere, I like the shape of the one in the link. Maybe if it looks twrrible could get some good suggestions under £150 or $220

That looks a lot like the DXG 566v, but the 566 doesn't shoot 1080 unless there's been an update.

The good news is the prices are coming down on a lot of the budget HD camcorders.

A lot of the people that post on these boards are in the UK and have pointed out a lot of similar cameras for pretty reasonable prices that should fit the features and appearance you are seeking.

I read a lot of the reviews on this board before I settled on the DXG-595 and have been really pleased with the performance, although I've discovered I need a lot more computer power to edit my video.

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