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So please can somebody do this Zoom-In and Zoom-Out in 1080p
mode and upload it to
so one can download the original MOV video,
so I can have a closer look at the quality ?

Also I would like a few test clips explaining
and showing the fixed locked autofocus function.

Many thanks in advance.
Regards, Stefan.

hartiberlin wrote:
Can please someone post a ZOOM-IN and Zoom-out
video in 1080p mode with the Aiptek Z600
camera please ?

It seems the 720p mode has interpolation artifacts,
and this camera has only a good resolution in the 1080p

But all the posted samples at
did not how good is the zoom ?

By the way, is there a real 1920x1080 mode or only
1440x1080 mode ?

Too bad it still also does not have an HDMI output...

But how good is the autofocus in dark light at a flashing
music concert lights ?

Will it again try to focus back and forth and
make the video unstable and shaky this way ?

Could it be hacked, so one could
control the lens focus point via a manual turn screw ?

Regards, Stefan.
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