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A couple of this that I have noticed with the camera are,

1. how easy the lens cap pops off when the gvs is in the case.

2. Better lcd screen viewing angle on the GVS over the action hd .side viewing that is.

3. the rubber mic cover. If anyone looks at it you would assumeto pull it off is to use the bottom elongated tap. But, that is where it is attached to the camera and you could break it off. I know that is how I first opened it.

After reading rvgcam's post about the mounting. LOL, I might have had something with the change. When I first got my first Action HD 1080p I noticed a potential flaw in the mounting and contacted aiptek about it.I then wasconnected to the engineering dept. I advised them that using the aluminum setting in the action hd 1080p mounting that if someone used a steel or stainless steel screw to mount the camera to a tripod or what not .That itwould ultimately fail if it had prolonged contact with each other. When aluminum and steel have contact there is a chemical reaction that make aluminum oxidize and becomes brittle. So, I suggested that toeliminate the problem they needed to use a brass mounting.Looks like they finally did their research.
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