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the Duke, the adapter has to be wider than the lens so that the lens can retract on power off. the adapters available are 55mm at
the base where they attach to the camera and either 55mm or 52 mm at the end where the lenscap would go. the adapter can stay on the camera permanently. i use the 55mm to 55mm adapter with a UV filter attached at the end. the lens cap provided by fuji for the s602 will not fit the adapter. you will need to get a 55mm cap or 52 mm cap depending on the adapter. as far as the adpaters being different for the s602 and the s5000, i don't know but, it's possible because the s5000 has a 10x zoom and the s602 is a 6x zoom. the length of the tubes may be different but, i think the diameter is the same. the adapters sell from about $7 or $8 or more.

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