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But amazing pictures of what? That is my point.


I generally like the picture. I agree with the other comment about exposure. From what I've read, exposing for a white dress in such a mixed color environment isn't easy.

I find her posture a little odd. Like she's leaning forwards a bit from the waist. It could just be an illusion from the angle it was shot.

Not only is the lighting on her face clearly from the left, her shadow is thrown on the back seat that way too. I think you did a good a fairly good job putting the sunset in, though. It does seem a bit odd that the background is a nice rich green, and then suddenly becomes faded and then the sky begins. Maybe I'm seeing it because you said the sky was edited?

If it were me, I'd not want you to put in the sunset... but then again, I don't know what the sky was really like, so maybe I would?

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