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Some time ago, people here used to complain about Transcend cards, but lately people have been swearing by them.

As to what makes a card "the best quality", a number of factors can come into play. Certainly, reliability is a big factor, but speed might also be important.

If you will be shooting video, or shooting continuous or burst (And since you don't have to pay for film processing, why shouldn't you?) The speed of a card makes a lot of difference as to how well that might work. If you use a slow card, video might be choppy, and continuous shooting will capture about 5 or 6 images and then pause because the buffer is full and the camera can't transfer images to the card fast enough to keep shooting.

Basically, you should buy the fastest cards your camera can take advantage of, but knowing what that is is the tricky part. If speed isimportant, Isuggest you buya variety of cards from different manufacturers, all with the same small capacity (so they're inexpensive.) Try them out an see which one(s) let you shoot continuously without interruption. When you find one that works well, buy a larger one of that same kind.

As to what size to get, I suggest you go for the card you like in the capacity that has the best cost per gigabyte. This will generally be one or two steps down from the maximum capacity available. I also think you should get a couple of cards, just in case one of them fails or you lose or break it.
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