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I have a Panasonic Luminx FS5. I have had it for awhile and I am not getting the performance that I really want. When it takes good pictures, it is great...I really like how the colors are natural. But the problem is consistancy. Most of the time 1 out of 10 shots will be good, and the rest will be bad...mainly ether incorrect lighting or blurry. This is all on the same settings(ISO 800).

These photo's(all of them) are in the living room of my cousins house.

Here are the shots with the in consistancy in lighting. The location in the top is a little bit different from the bottom two, but close enough to where I should be getting the same or about the same lighting. And the bottom are the same location...two snapshots in a row but lighting is diff.:

Here's another photo that seems to have bad lighting:

And with this photo, it seems to be a little blury for the two people who were not really moving(but with stablizer on)...but I didn't take this one(since I'm in it) so maybe the person taking it didn't focus it long enough:

BUT here's a photo that came out good(good lighting, good detail) even though still a tad bit blurry. I can't get most photos to come out this I said...not alot of consistancy:

Why is the lighting in consistant in the top three photos?

I am at a crossroads. I don't mind selling this camera and paying the difference and getting a better one because qaulity is important for me. But I'm not a professional photographer, so I want to stay with a point and shoot(I would spend up to $400.00...maybe even up to $500.00). I would like to be able to get conistant good qaulity pictures(good lighting and be able to capture movement better without bluryness(simply a head moving) instead of 1 out of 10 shots(if I'm lucky), and a more speedier shutter time because I often miss the moment.
I thought about getting:

Would this be a significant improvement from the one I have now(1/1.63" CCD versus 1/2.33" CCD)? Would there be consistancy in the lighting?

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