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pj1974 wrote:
...I wonder if you have a wider angle shot of this also, the photo lends me to be curious as to what is up higher on the hill behind the lake/water and also what is at the near edge of the water (nearest you).

Thank you Paul!

There's really not much to show on the above crop. Besides that, the crop seems to make the picture a bit more dynamic. It does so in my eyes, anyway.

Higher up on the hills there is a power-line stretching across wooden land and in the foreground - on this side of the sea-shore - there are some small trees, a small-boat slip-way (two white beams)and a small red boat-house (of which you barely can see the roof), and none of these are of any interest.

The stretch of water you seeis a tidal salt-water sound with access to the North Sea.

But, anyway, I'll show you the original and uncut shot here...

Best regards to you folks "down under" - any chance of seeing some of your scenery?


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