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Walter_S wrote:
Thank you so much, bahadir!

It's very generous of you to give me private tutoring in ps, as you just did here. This gives me new hope, as I find the threshold of Photoshop (CS2) quiettough to get over for a beginner. Some say that A. Elements would be an easier to learn option.

I'll try out this cloning tool-lesson of yours, as soon as I have time to concentrate. After all, as it is Sunday, we do have a family-get-together hereatourhome today and I am responsible for the food...! :O

Thanks again and best regards to you from Norway!
Just my pleasure : )I remember the time I was pressed to learnto clone out with many a trial and error attempt whensome fellowsadvised me to clone out things! So, I'm sure you'll do itwellenough very soon. But use your powers for the good:lol:As for the Elements and CS2 comparison, my first lap top had the PS Elementsin itsinstallation cd,which I used happily. Now; having used the CSx variants,I'd saystarting withmore generoustoolsdefinitely makes no harm ; )

Btw, hope you had a festive family gathering,the images of which you might post @ People Photos! Being responsible for the foodhints you're reckoned someonewith atrue sense ofresponsibility : )


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