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NHL wrote:
I bought it last year directly from the Co. in China right after I got the D300**
It came by Fedex faster than their company e_mail... I did have some problems with their AC adapter, but their after sale service was excellent (much better than expected from Dell or HP) - The actual device itself is flawless and do not need this AC adapter however as it can be recharged from any USB port...

I wouldn't be too concerned about "made in China" as practically every company are now 'fabless' especially with electronics. Did you know that my iPod touch (and practically all Apple products) are designed in CA, but built in China? *
About Apple products being "made in China"...I noticed. I am using an MacBook Pro and have a iPod Video (6th gen) 80GB. My iPod's sound distorts a little (will need to get it looked at while still under warranty). And the touchpad on my MBP sometimes sticks (e.g. the cursor would stop in it's tracks...then continue). And once in a blue moon (rarely) I would see what look like "vertical shadows" (maybe shooting up from the bottom of the screen. From the left side of the screen to the right. Some one said it's the LED backlighting. Corrected by restarting. Guess I haven't been lucky with Apple products. Will get my laptop looked at too as it is still under warranty as well.

As for things "made in China"...would just feel better if they weren't. Maybe in time when China begins to establish itself even more and builds a reputation of good quality/reliablity (as the Japanese eventually did) I might change my mind. Didn't really sit well with me seeing that the D300 are "made in Thailand" either. But so far I have had no problems and the fit-finish is admittedly very good.

No pricing on the Geotagger Pro yet. Might not wait for it as I would love to have a GPS now. That and it's bound to be more than $250.00. So maybe I'll get the one you did. Shrug.
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