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NHL wrote:
DarkDTSHD wrote:
No pricing on the Geotagger Pro yet. Might not wait for it as I would love to have a GPS now. That and it's bound to be more than $250.00. So maybe I'll get the one you did. Shrug.
Why would you get the Geotagger Pro for?**

-> This device may make more sense for a Canon (or Sony), but I wouldn't want to use software afterward to match up my images - It will only add one more steps to the workflow and when the device didn't get a lock during a shoots you're out of luck!
(That's the same issue with Nikon's own "GP-1")

With the Solmeta or any device like it the GPS info is collected by the camera in real-time and fed to the images as they are recorded (even in RAW) to the flash cards... You also have a GPS icon on the top LCD (which flashes when it's acquiring) and of course all this info can also be examined on the rear LCD as well (position, elevation and heading) which are not possible with devices like the GP-1 for example...**
Why would you need software to match the data to the image for the Geotagger Pro (and not the N2) and the Nikon's GP-1? I thought the Geotaagger is pretty much the same as the N2 except it adds a LCD display and get a temperature reading...etc.

As I said I'll most likely get the N2...
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