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I have a valtuz 4 drawer unit to hold all of my DVDs as well as 2x 2 drawer old school wooden storage units that hold 40 CDs each (20 per drawer)

Long story short all 3 units are near capacity so its time for some more storage

I am looking for a high capacity unit that can hold 500 or more CDs/DVDs in slim line jewel cases. I am presently shooting a ton of photos for a major project and it will produce about 30 to 40 DVDs of photos within the next 2 to 2 1/2 months.

- It would be nice if it had different drawers etc so I could subdivide my disc by common subjects I shot or at least if its a big box have deviders between each row of discs

- I do have room under a bed 44 wide by 36 inch deep that I can use, oh andall three beds in the house are 6 1/4inches off the floor.

- The basement here is not heated or airconditioned and its about 40 dgrees at low end so I am afraid to just throwing up a bookshelf type unit there for storage.

Any and all ideas appreciated. I am thinking some kind of low profile trunk or trunks under the bed with slots set up the width of the discs but so far an internet search has not found anything......


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