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Morning Glen, I would be tempted to go the P&S route - actually I have gone that route, and it works very well. There are times that a dSLR body/lens just does not fit (no matter the focal length range), and a small P&S is just perfect. Originally I had a Canon SD500, which is the size of a deck of playing cards - goes into any pocket and is pretty perfect. My son borrowed it, so just recently - so I picked up a Panasonic LX3 - a bit larger, not really shirt pocketable, but fits into a jacket pocket. The Canon has a pretty all around focal range, however the LX3 is wide angle - tops out at 60mm (and is f2), but that is where my interest lies. Targets my interests, larger sensor/less noise, smaller package, a much faster lens - with all the manual controls.

... just my point of view. I also think that the 10-17 would be perfect!
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