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Is anyone else frustrated that there are hardly any comments in the threads? I see threads with 500 views and 3-4 comments. This has bothered me for some time now and was part of the reason I took a hiatus from this place. EverythingI know about shooting sports came from this site and 2 of the mods in particular. Their instructionalong the way was instrumental in my development.Most, if not all of us, are interested in getting better at this and one of the ways this will happen is if people critique the photos posted. Ive had occasions where my feelings were hurt bywhat I considered "nitpicky" comments/critiques but afterthinking things through,Irealized thatits the little things that make a good photographer into a great photographer, soI swallowed my pride and took it in stride.In each comment,I'll try to point out the good things about a shot and something that I think needs improvement. There isnt anyone here with the perfect photo, time and time again...some of you DO come close though! Theres alot to be learned not by only the perfect photos but by the less than perfect photos too. Often times, the conversation centered around a particular thought regarding a photo canmorphin a tangential topic or direction where new information can be learned. The only way that can happen however, is if participation takes place. PerhapsI have too much time on my hands. LOL
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