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TEST 1 - f/4

Same tree shot with all lenses. Shutter speed fixed at 1/1000, Auto WB, all lenses set to f/4. Full manual mode on camera (Pentax DL2), handheld. I manually focussed until the camera told me things were "in focus".

RAW processed in Raw Therapee (color noise reduction, minor local contrast enhancement, nothing else, same settings for all shots).

Cropped, basic histogram adjustments, minor adaptive noise reduction in L-Channel to help file size, caption in PL32. No other changes.

First unexpected result - the color reproduction and image brightness is VERY different. I'll have to meter with every new lens combo next time, still I left the images that way as I found it interesting.

I might have messed up the Pentax 200/4 shot a bit, it looks way too soft to me... other images show a similar performance, though. In general I don't care if an image is a bit softer... as long as the details are there and can be recovered with postprocessing.

I was surprised about the TC results, too. See for yourself.

You see 1:1 crops from the image center.

1.1 short range

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