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Favorite Crane Shots (11)

These are from my trip to Bosque this year. My wife asked me why are these your favorites?? I looked back over them and figured out more than one reason. Memories the shot brought back, the different looks according to where the light was coming from & just cuz I like it.

Best thing I can tell you is, if you like lots of opportunities go to Bosque Del Apache.

Landing where I can see their faces rather than just their butt

I like the way the sunlight was hitting him

The light

Visiting with Will while waiting for the sun

Wing position

The way the light is highlighting his top wing

Shadow on the bottom wing

Reminds me of how many times I didn't get a good focus cuz of the background

Reminds me of a photo finish at a horse race

Wing shadow

Interesting light effect

Wacky roger
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