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gte253f wrote:
A couple of questions - how important is the live view feature of the Canon? Since, I've been using a point and shoot inthe past, I thought it could be helpful, but I'm not sure.
For a P&S digicam, 'Live View' can be useful. But dSLRs are bigger and heavier, so trying to use 'Live View' for any length of time can be classified as self-abuse. It can be useful in dimly lit areas, and for macrophotography, but neither of the dSLRs you've mentioned is stabilized, and only Nikon has a stabilized macro lens, so that means 'tripod'.

gte253f wrote:
Also, is D80 going to be "too" advanced for a somewhat beginner?
Not too advanced, such that it's more advanced than the Canon XSi, though the XSi is newer and therefore might be easier to understand and use.

An important consideration should be how the camera feels to you. If you can't hold it comfortably, if you can't find the commands and controls when you need them, then you'll miss some shots.

While the Nikon D80 and the Canon XSI are quite good, they are quite different in a number of respects. Could you tell us how you narrowed your selection down to just these two?
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