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Originally Posted by bcoultry
Yes, always be careful of what salespeople say, maybe not so much in a real camera shop, but most definitely in electronics/computer stores.
Actually, I'd suggest even being slightly wary of what they tell you in a camera store. After doing lots of research on the G3 and G5, and still being unable to decide which I wanted I went to a dedicated camera store near my work. When I started talking to the sales guy he told me that "you can't find the G3 anywhere" (since it had been discontinued), even though I HAD found it in a few places. He started trying to push the G5, even though at that time I wasn't too sure. When I started discussing some of the cons of the G5 (which were widely covered in a large number of reviews) he looked at me weirdly and started insisting those things weren't true, and that I should just buy the G5.

I got the feeling that he was just trying to make the sale -- not try to help me make up my mind. And that's why, when I ultimately decided to get the G5, I bought elsewhere (even though he offered to come down in price from $650 to $560 for me). Plus, I ended up getting my camera for a few dollars less. I would have liked to have supported a local camera shop, but not when they treat me like a wallet with legs.
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