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Hi Andy. I think you're moving in the right direction here.

Shot 1: pretty good shot - reasonably sharp - a bit underexposed and the position of the one light hurts because it's so bright right next to the face - i.e. it distracts the viewer.

shot 2: too mch dead space and focus is soft. You want the subject much closer - it makes using a 50mm lens tough for little kids.

shot 3: great action. shot is underexposed and a bit back focused - i.e. the face of the defender looks sharper than your subject.

shot 4: best shot. Finally got the exposure, WB and focus all on and it shows. Also a great expression to capture.

shot 5: another great shot - good action, good exposure and good focus.

shot 6: good action but now underexposed again and focus not as sharp as 4 & 5. And sharpness/focus is a relative thing. This shot would look sharp except when you have the two previous shots to compare it to. So the sharpness is good in this one, but it's great in 4 & 5.

One comment on colors - as I mentioned a number of these are underexposed. A shot could look like the WB is off but it's really an exposure issue. For instance if you adjusted the exposure in some of these shots in PP you might find the WB to be pretty good. From what I can tell the WB is probably pretty close if the exposure were right. So work on getting your exposures right and you'll see an improvement in the wb and color. Good job!
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