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mtngal wrote:
Very nice!

I've been thinking of getting the IR remote - I've found using a flash, reflector and camera is a bit much. I'm also in the market for a tripod and head. I'm seriously thinking of taking a day off from work and wandering over to San Louis Obispo and a certain company's showroom over there. I just can't decide what to get, so thought I'd go check out a company that makes heads and plates and sells several different types of legs. I'm sure it's going to cost me a small fortune, but it just seems like it's not worth skimping. I have an old Velbon video tripod and I'm not going to carry that anywhere much - whatever I get will have to be lighter and smaller than that one (and I'm not crazy about the 3-way pan/tilt head it has, though I do like the quick release).
Thanks for the comments Harriet, I find even the wired remote helps when using a tripod, there is always a little shake when I press the triger so the remote really helps.
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