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Originally Posted by unclewillie
ohenry, Are you seriously suggesting that people don't set the f stop wider than f/16? I'm glad I returned the camera if that is the only way to get a decent focus!

By the way, using aperture priority was not my suggestion. I was just commenting on somone else's suggestion.


you're missing the point... F stop doesn't getting wider when you stop down tho F/16, the larger the number on AV, the smaller openning of the lens, you get more DOF when you stop down the lens.

Why aperture priority mode?, he is shooting indoor, low light, to assure the optimum DOF, I suggest using AV mode, set at F8, F11 or F16, otherwise, if you shoot at P or full auto mode, the camera automatically selects larger aperture(samller number) to get the optimum shutter speed, and therefore, very limited DOF could result in front and back out of focus, in case of close-focus, even worse. At F/16, in low light will result in a very slow shutter speed which the camera tends to select, that why to avoid camera vibration, I also suggest using tripod and even recommend to shoot in timer mode, at slow synchro speed, abient light will mix with flash light(if you turn the flash on, in AV mode, camera does not automatically pop up flash like in full automode), that the beauty of it (if you put a person on front of a lighted christmas tree, and you don't shoot in slow synchro mode, flash light will dominate the ambient light and kills all the beauty of existing light), you can shoot with the flash off if you want the effect of the 100% ambient light. Damm it...., if you do this test outdoor with bight sun light, you don'd have to follow my suggestion, you can see the result for yourself.

Before blaming on your camera, you must learn to understand the basic of exposure in photography, it's only a useful tool if you know how to use it. Defective is another issue, but not every camera is perfectly created equal, but same kind of camera must has same features and standards, don't jump on the conclusion too fast...

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