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Before blaming on your camera
I've read a number of your other posts in this forum. Your posting style perhaps leaves something to be desired in the area of sympathy and kindness, yet it rings of knowledge and clarity. And here I agree with you again.

I'm getting a bit miffed at some of these pseudo-scientific ruler guys Time to stand on my own soap box:

What does one do with these people with their crude little rulers and tests who attempt to gain attention by competing with Canon which spends multi-millions on specific equipment that tests exactly what they are attempting to do with their crude little caveman rulers? Have they forgotten that Canon "L" lenses are world renowned and their AF system, with focus assist, is one of their major selling features? Do these amateurs with their little plastic rulers really think that Canon hasn't tested this stuff ad infinutum, with little rulers and other pin-point measuring equipment that would blow those foolish rulers of theirs so far out of the water that their little plastic numbers would melt. As well, what about the competing companies? Don't you think that they would be advertising this serious flaw with Canon equipment, especially the Rebel which is probably coming close to outselling every other camera on the market right now? What does this competitors' silence tell us? I'll tell you what it tells us. It tells us that these people with their little rulers who come on to forums like this attempting to be scientists should learn how to use their more complex cameras or sell them and buy a point-and-shoot HP. That way they will save time and money (on rulers), and they wouldn't be deceiving potential consumers at online forums like this one.

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