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bpcrally wrote:
Thanks so much for that article! its very useful!

So here are my main concerns..

the 410 doesnt have IS, which I wont know is a big deal or not until i have some play time with the cam. I like the fact that the 410 is smaller and lighter however I think i would prefer the larger grip feel of the 500.

In my mind the only benefit to me spending the extra $$ and getting a new 410 over the 500 would be:
-10MP over 8MP
-new and not used
-live view could be handy

So i'm still at square one.. if I can get the e500 I think i would like to do that. I would really like to have a newer one though and have the 10mp. No matter which i pick I don't get IS so im afraid all my lowlight photos will be a nightmare.
You really have todetermine what type of photography you'll find yourself involved in most often. Are you going to be photographing geckos and other creatures in the dark?

As for the cameras, the differences between 8MP and 10MP is usually overstated. Yep, it would be nice to have the extra pixels but most often you reallywont know the difference unless you want to blow up the images to 16 x 20 or larger.

Liveview is a nice feature. Will you use it? i don't know. That's something you have to decide if its important. The only time I use it is to shoot a full moon. in other words, not often.

The E-500 is a good camera. But do consider that the 2 kit lensesare really very good lenses and will hold you in good stead for years. They are a good investment. Most people hang onto their lenses for years but upgrade their camera body every couple of years.

By the way, OlympusIS A GOOD CHOICE for macrophotography. Here is a link to some photos posted just the other day. They were taken with an e-500. The imagesspeak for themselves:;forum_id=36

Granted, the lenses used are a bit more expensive than the ones supplied with the kit. But they are Olympus lenses not Sigma.

Hope that whatever you decide, you have fun taking lots of images and hope you come back and post some here for us to enjoy.


Are there better cameras out there, yep sure But you'd be hard pressed to better the deal you''ve got for either the E-500 of the E-410 at the prices you've mwentioned.

Size of a camera is actually, to me, an important consideration. If it's not comfortable in your hand,, too big too small, heavy, you wont be happy.

Image stabilization does help in low light or slow shutter speed applications. If your young and have a steady hand. You wont miss it. And in those times when a tripod is the best solution, I.S. is turned off.

Sorry for the screwed up paragraphing, but you get the drift.
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