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Well, guess winter's not over. Not that I expected it to be since it's only Feb. We won't see our front lawn again until April at this rate. Haven't seen it since after the ice storm in December. And, our driveway is still a sheet of 2" thick ice. Never gets warm long enough to melt or chip it away. I've managed to I think tear my tendons in my arms from trying. Was trying to hold my camera with the Tamron 70-300 lens on this morning and had to get the tripod out. I can't hold it steady.

Anyway, we had snowWed. night and thought that was it. But, night before last when I left my volunteer job I was faced with a ride home in a blinding snow. The Star Wars kind where it's coming at you. As I got closer to home I was in white out conditions and hesitant to pull out onto roads because I couldn't see either way. Made it home safely. These are photos of my trip to work the next day once I got out of the deeper, less cleared roads as I was driving while taking some of these. So, repitition of winter, snow and icicles which I've had about enough of. It's pretty, but it's the cold weather that goes along with these shots that's killing me.

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