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Yes the new SDHC Card plays well on the HD700 I have...

Now about your question: You said you payed 100 dollars for the xacti hd1000 and the dealer is charging you 230 for repairs? It depends on a few things; 1. how old is the camera/what condition is it in. -> The camera is in excellent condition and I think the camera has been used only a few times

2. What kind of warrenty they give you and how long is it good for after the repairs.

-> Will need to check with the dealer themselves and see what kind of warranty and how long they can give me a warranty

3. What does the repair cover for the price.

-> The repair price is for the entire "record" function should the function be the problem and they need to "overhaul" the entire unit

4. When do I get the camera back?

-> they will look into immediately and then as soon as they get an answer onto whats the problem, they will give me a quotation and see if i wish to proceed to fix it or not...once it's fixed, it will prolly take approx 1 month

5. Is this a guy that sanyo themselves recommends for repair and if he is certified. Most throw-a-way cameras like our xacti's (hate calling it that) should be able to get a complete replacement but depends on warrenty.
-> The guy is the manager from sanyo Singapore, as Sanyo Xacti is not being sold in Malaysia itself, they do not have the expertise to fix the unit...I truly love the HD1000 and I am crossing my fingers hoping that it's just a minor issue which I overlook and not "record function (malfunction)" the unit was bought in US, and now shipped to me in Malaysia, the warranty card itself does not state when is the warranty going to bears no store stamp from which the unit was purchased from...

This is truly an annoying 'problem' i am facing with the unit...just wondering if it's worth fixing should the amount come up to that...they are gracious enough to agree to send it back to me for free once they have fixed the issue...

Going through tough times wondering about it now
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