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Got two lenses that I "won" on Ebay today. Got a 400mm f/5.6 TX Vivitar lens and a 75-205mm f/3.5 P/K mount lens. The 400mm I paid a little too much for but they are getting scarce so the extra didn't hurt too bad. The 75-205 I got for 99 cents and shipping.
The 400mm in the photos looked in A-1 condition. As I unwrapped it today I got a shock....The little plastic block that houses the ratcheting lock mechanism was missing....OH SH$%!!!! No way to get the lens mount adapter to stay on....$%^&&%^%%$$#$$%^^^%%$ .. Now I either have to make one or buy a Cheap and I mean C-H-E-A-P! T4 or TX lens and cannibalize it for the lock block. Also not mentioned in the add was the big dent in the lens shade...Looks like somebody dropped it hard and this is the result! %$#$#@@#$$%^&&& DAM$% flim flamming no good #$%^^$##@#%$%^& ^T%$$#$%$%^&& sorry a#%&%! WHEWW!!! Oh well...It ain't like I haven't had to get dents out before....and another lock block can be had...and the lens otherwise is in almost new condition....SIGH!!! Now we can look at the other one.

I unwrapped it and it had some brassing and the lettering was a little dirty. I got a lens exactly like this at one time from Roy and it had a Minolta mount that I modified to a P/K mount but it had to be used like a screw mount lens in manual stop down as the linkage didn't mate up too well. I liked the IQ with that lens so much I've held onto it all this time. Now I had a P/K mount version so the other can be given away or retired to the ash can. Lets see that lens now....OH FOR CRYING OUTLOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DA$%^&* IT!! FUNGUSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! JEEEUSSSUS KRIMENY!!!!! Right in the middle and covering the whole front lens element is a mass of spider webbing. FUNGUSSSUSSUSS!! Nobody mention this either.....Settle down old boy ..I tells me! Letmeseehere. I got that other lens....yes I do....It don't have no it don't....I can take that front lens element and swap it for this one....yes I Can!! So I does!! Voila' A near perfect lens now and it has a P/K mount from the factory!!! Yeah me!! I done did it!!! Yeah me again!!

Then I seeze the 400mm and go into another raving cuss fit!!!

The moral is you never can be sure what you get on Ebay...Sometimes a rose and sometimes a BLEEKING PILE OF STINKING SH^&!!!!!!!... That's alright...I'll drink a case of Icehouse beer and be over it in a day or two.

Then I see tha 400mm lens and go to raving all over!!! Got I'm glad I got to go to work......OH Hale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

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