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kazuya wrote:
i picked up a set of vivitar automatic extension tubes and have been using them on my 50mm A lense, i had expected the A mode to still work with the tubes connected, but instead it works as if i had a M lense connected with F-- showing on the top lcd.

the mecanism on the tubes works ok, and if i take them off the camera and move it with my finger the apeture rings open and close fine.

so ive come to the conclusion that either im doing something wrong or the automatic just means the lense is kept wide open to allow better focusing untill you press the shutter

can anyone shed some light on this for me thanks
Kazuya ... you'll need to modify the tubes slightly, if you check the camera body it has seven contacts, and I'm betting your tubes have only six, the seventh body contact

needs to ground to the metal of the tube. I had the same problem with a set of Jessops full auto tubes, and had to clean off the paint a little on each sectionas

shown in the picture below, I used a Dremel tool, and you will see I've repainted part of the area to clean things up, once done you'll find that with an A lens mounted

thelens info will appear in the display as normal.Your post has reminded me that I need to make a better job of it. ... Jack
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