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Hi Guys: Sorry for the cold weather, but you made me feel better. I've been setting here complaining because we have a 60 degree dreary, windyday, and it's going down to 39-40 tonight. Definitely not what we expect for this time of year. But at least we don't have single digits nor snow, so I'll stop complaining.

I walked around the house today, front and back, and allmy flowers are dead, except for some azalea bushes. They are the only blossoms anywhere on my property. Even one of my palm trees is dead.

It wasn't so much that we had record lows this winter; what killed everything was that the freezing temps would last 4-6 hours at night instead of the usual 1-2 hours. My plants just can not stand up to 6 hours of freezing. So no shots of springtime buds in my backyard this year.

But hang in there fellows, spring is only 3 weeks away!

zig: nice shots of the snow with the red berrys.:!:

Steve R.
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