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Sorry forgot to answer the question about SD cards. You are right "the recording speed of the SD card is very important, right? I should prefer buying less capacity to faster data recording speed, right?" In 1080p with the higher bitrates you will want a faster card. you will also want to buy a "name brand" card as well. PNY cards are not know for the performance in 1080p mode. For high end cards would be the ScanDisk Extreme III Series 2 card, speed 200x class (6), they are about $40 us dollars for 4GB, ScanDisk Extreme III Series 1, speed 150x class (6), they are about $22 us dollras for 4GB. Than there is a very good "name brand"budget card, the OCZ Gold Series. 150x class(6) and they are only $10 us dollars for 4GB. the main reason why you want such a powerful "name band"card is toguarantee error free transfer of data when filming. All 1080p camcorders even the budget ones likeZ700 and the HD D10 require at least a class(6) card

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