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zig-123 wrote:
Hi Greg,

The DPreview gallery certainly spans a wider area scenes so from that perspective, it gives us a better chance to see what the camera can do. The Let's go digital night shots in Vegas were of interest to me, in that, I wanted to see just how much noise would actuallly appear in the night scenes. all in all, they were okay. I will tell you that I downloaded the photos and for kicks used neatimage to reduce the noise. The images really cleaned up nicely without having that saranwrap look. i would post them but don't think it would be appropriate as they were not my images.


I never noticed, but others did. The pics on DPReview were taken with the noise filter set to high. Clean, but detail is going to be less. I'm still impressed.

I'm alergic to noise. Irrationally so! As much as I usually pay attention to how things print, I have a hard time applying the same standard to noise. I had the same aversion fo film grain with higher speed film too. The truth is that all or nearly all of the noise would disappear in print.

I'll admit that it would be hard to find a tougher test than those night shots, and the camera did fine. It did better than my E-3 would do. The E-3 would have pattern noise (banding) with those shots at anything much over ISO1000.

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