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1. Not really, because it is quite thick at 33mm. It goes comfortably in a jacket pocket. You have to try it yourself to see if you can operate with one hand. Some can do it, some cannot. It is not easy with this camera (or any compact in this form factor)but it can be done. Theeasiest one-handed operated video/compact is the pistol grip type of Sanyos.

2. Autofocus in video is slow (do not ak how slow or relative to something else)but smooth as far as I can tell.

3. Yes you can trim the video in camera. It adds a trimmed file preserving the original. That is as far as you can do regarding editing.

4. You already mentioned it is very subjective (as is no. 2). I find it OK.

You will find more detailed information/reviews (official?) here:
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