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fldspringer wrote:
I'll admit that it would be hard to find a tougher test than those night shots, and the camera did fine. It did better than my E-3 would do. The E-3 would have pattern noise (banding) with those shots at anything much over ISO1000.

I'm rather disappointed to hear you say that the E-3 would not havegiven as good a result as the E-620. Quite honestly, when the new E-620 starts shipping, i'm hoping that there will be a market correction on pricing for the E-3 as that is the body that I would most like to upgrade to. The larger OPV is something that I think is worth upgrading to. As is the weatherproof feature. As for the E-30, even though it has a similar sized OPV, I don't think it realistic to think the price on that body will come down anytime soon.

Well, I'm off to babysit the grandkids today for the weekend. On Monday we fly to Florida for 2 weeks. So, I'll try to post some boring photos when I get back.:-)


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