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2Old4that wrote:
...the price was 399.00 and free shipping....offer was available thru 3/30/09
Thanks for the info.

The Z1012is in still on Kodak's online shop (UK version) at 166.37 ukpounds all-in (less than I paid), so unless you're sure you want the ultimate 620mm equiv. superduperzoom, and can hold it still, and will often use 1/2000s manual shutter speed, I'd suggest you at least consider the cheaper Z1012 option, which has a mere 10Mpix, but that's still rather a lot on such a small sensor.


On the other hand, if you go for it, you could delight us all with an early review. Good luck, whatever you get. If you get the Z980, please be sure to show us the results!

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