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jack55 wrote:
gjtoth wrote:
jack55 wrote:
gjtoth beautiful bird shots. Great camera for that!

Richard ...can't wait to see some shots of Hawaii!
Thanks, Jack. I'm finding that this is going to be a great "carry-around". I may regret purchasing an Oly E-410! heheheh maybe :-)
I sold my Olympus E-510 outfit to get the Nikon P90.... with no regrets!

I got real tired of packing all the gear around and losing shots because I had to change the lens etc.
I sold an Oly SP570UZ. The E-410 will be my welded-to-a-tripod-pointed-at-the-wildlife camera since it has no IS. :G

I hear ya with being a pack mule! :-) That's one of the big things that has deterred me from getting a dSLR the past couple of years. However, I got an exceptional price off Craiglist and the P-90 is the ideal carry-around camera for me. And, if I don't like/use the E-410, I *know* can sell it at a profit.
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