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skmdcam wrote:
... and i dont want to spend time doing postprocessing work (somehow I am not comfortable with idea of reworking the snap on a computer, I believe the photograph should stand on its own, and not be good because I am good at photoshop)...
post processing is an important part of the game. You can set a DSLR to produce a punchy result straight out of the camera, but this way you will never get the best image quality possible. It's just like it was with film cameras - there was a shooting stage and a development/printing stage. Exactly the same with digital, PhotoShop of any other image editor of your choice is your darkroom for image processing and development just without all those nasty chemicals :-).
as for the lens, for your subjects 17/18-50 might be a bit short imho, so may be 17-70 Sigma, or 17-85 Canon would be a better choice, both can do decent close-ups (not true macro) and not as fast aperture wise as the 17-50 lenses, but the focal range is a lot more versatile. For indoor shooting neither lens will be fast enough or will give you an acceptable dof, so your best bet is an external flash with a bounce&swivel head.
for me personally the best portrait/walk around lens is either my 60mm macro, or 85mm f/1.8 lens - depends on my mood and subject, but I have other lenses when I need them.
I still think that the best all-around beginners bundle on a restricted budget would be 450D +18-55IS + 55-250IS +50mm f/1.8 + 430ex flash - light, compact, not too expensive and a very capable kit.

PS. here is an example of a close-up shot taken with 17-85 IS lens:

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