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im trying to find a camera that has:

1.very low shutter lag preferably even with focusing
2. good low light indoor pics
3. good overall pic quality and color

im hoping to get somethign in the $200 ish range, but will pay more if it fits what im looking for better. something not much bigger then the canon sx110 IS but smaller is fine. also i dont want to buy new flash cards so it needs to use SD cards.

i do like to be able to adjust settings so at least some control over settings would be good.

will be taking a ton of baby pics in the near future and i dont want to be pissed at my camera all the time for just missing the picture. but still would like to outdoor quality to be good enough to use for nature/architecture pics outdoors that could be blown up.

Im just having problems narrowing it down to begin with im sure with a few suggestions i can figure out what fits me from there.

thanks for your help!
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