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NHL wrote:
Taking on another sport... I see
No thanks. I like the idea of showing up at an event, planning on being there for only and hour and a half and knowing I can come away with 100 quality photos. Shooting on a beach isn't bad because:

a) I'm soaking up sun

b) it's a target rich environment.

This 'sport' is too frustrating for me - a bald eagle passed by just out of range - if I only had about 800mm I might have gotten a shot. As it was, it took 3 days of my morning walk for one of the Ospreys to fly close enough with a catch to get some decent shots of it. Would have loved to get shots of them fishing but they were too far out to sea.

All in all, it's a nice way to pass time on the beach but I'll leave the trudging through rain forests and waiting / looking for hours for the chance at a shot up to you guys :G
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