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The original of this picture had some color problems, but some lovely, strong texture. I've been interested in black and white conversions, and more minimalist type of pictures (my camera has a dust alert feature, and one time tried using a blue sky to check it, just as the car I was riding in went under a tree. The silhouette outline of the branches against the white was cool). So I played around with a couple of black and white layers - mixing two bw presets in CS4, and changing the layer blend mode, just playing around -looking for really strong contrast. This is the look that I was aiming for, but now that I have it, I'm not sure it works with this picture, and would be interested in what others think of it. Is there too much dark/undefined areas? Is it too abstract to be understandable/interesting? Any comments/suggestions/discussion of it would be appreciated. If you think its rubbish, let me know why, as I'm just not sure about it. I think I like it sometimes, other times I don't but don't know why either way.

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