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I need to purchase a new digital camera because the ex took the Canon SD500 and Rebel XT.

Obviously I'm a Canon fan, and right now my primary need is an ultracompact. So far I had mainly been struggling with the SD780 vs SD880 decision. HD video (which I will probably use quite a bit of) or better image quality. I also recently came across next weeks Best Buy ad and noticed the Sony T90 is going to be on sale for $270, making it only slightly more expensive than the two Canons.

Here are my main questions:

1. Has anyone compared the SD780 to the T90? I haven't found any reviews of the T90 yet, but I'm wondering if anyone has done some image quality comparisons. I know the main gimmick of the Sony is the touchscreen, but I also like the size and improved zoom over the Canon. If it somehow compares or bests the Canon in image quality, it might be a winner.

2. My main needs are: ultracompact, fairly quick shutter speed, and less than $300, and a great movie mode. I would prefer hd movie mode. The factors that will probably help determine my choice are image quality, hd movie mode, and size. Are there any significant models that have great size, image quality, hd movie mode, and a fairly quick shutter speed than I'm not considering?

Thanks in advance.
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