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Firmware can be obtain direct on the homepage GVS Fw 2901

Aiptek Action HD GVS/Z700 Model V5Z5s when purchased, will have the optimum firmware for you, FW 2003/Fw1904.

When you are interested, and have purchased you will go to Aiptek.comfor all your info, parts, acessorries,updates, online E-manual, etc. Firmware now released July 2009

The very first thing we take note of a company is its opening lines.

And the very last thing, you'll referre to the Supplied CDR for more info.

Once you read through, the manual,paper, online pfd, and E-manual, you'll register your cam, via Email, postal or both, at the registration page

Motionbox, with Aiptekoffers a 2 gig storage at with any HD or camcorder from the company..


For those who need support, at Aiptek.coms Support page you'll find the info you are seeking,from registration, support, download, FAQ's, warranty, and more

Based on your situation, if found or not, you should have come to a resolution.

Firmware can be obtained by emailing [email protected]support can be obtained by calling your regionalAiptek number.

The above info is the proper proceedures of obtaining everything at your fingertips.


Firmware update instructions GVS/ Z700 preperations
  1. have a fully charged battery, and ac adapter pluuged in. [/*]
  2. have no metal objects on, or near you and the camera, that is magnetized [/*]
  3. have a formated SD card formatted via pc, may be formatted through cam. not formatted by cams format system. [/*]
  4. have a zip file program like 7-zip,can be obtained free online 7-zip.comExtract file of rar-to Bin * see note
*2703_sd_v5z5s.rar is a compressed file. 2707_sd_.bin is incorectly named FIle sd_v5z5s will be its correct name.Donot flash other bin files.

Firmware instructiions how toCheck firmware:

  1. cam with fully loaded batttery and ac charger,Turn on cam and waitthree seconds [/*]
  2. Swtich to Mode. Pressing MODE once [/*]
  3. Holding down 5-way joystick and holding it. [/*]
  4. Press two stage still shutter FULLY in
Firmware displayed.

Firmware How to update:

  1. saved file open 7-zip, winzip or other zip prg, and extract to a bin file, correct file name v5z5s [/*]
  2. with all files off the sd card,cam plugged into usb port, rightclick on driver (GVS) format, choose FAT32,format, the sd card [/*]
  3. now transfer v5z5s.bin file from pc to sd [/*]
  4. unplug from pc [/*]
  5. plug in ac adapter, turn on cam. Cam turns on to a live feed. [/*]
  6. Switch to MODE by hitting Mode once [/*]
  7. Holding the 5-way joystick UP and holding it [/*]
  8. Press two stage still shutter FULLY in
Camera will say UPDATING....... OK... TURNING OFF, turns off with a sound.

9. Turn ON cam, recheck firmware, HIT MODE to back out, and REFORMAT SD card in camcorder.


The Above information provided and followed instructions are all covered under a warranty, when and when only you followed the instructions provided above. , Going to an outsource of found files Below will void any and all of the warranty, you'll be at risk of viruses, and other unknown issues that are found online/offline. All files are found online and are of the www to use. I take no responsability for any actions caused by the files found, they are for your sharing and noted you are voiding a future fix to a cam. If you choose to continue in this fashion, firmware will be harder to obtain.

fw 1807 z700

fw 1904 z700

fw 2003 gvs

fw 2100 z700

fw 2201 z700

fw 2302 gvs

fw 2402 z700

fw 2503 gvs Stopped

fw 2602 z700

fw 2703 z700

fw 2802 z700

FW 2900 Z700

Aiptek Action HD Z700 / GVS model V5Z5S released October / Nov 2008 fw 1805, 1904, 2003, 2100,
Dec 2008 FW 2201, Jan 2009 fw 2302, Feb 2009 fw 2402. mar 2009 fw 2503

Firmware list of issues, and fixs:

  1. multile file deletion "are you sure" [/*]
  2. zoom bar indicator [/*]
  3. continous shot mode on/off [/*]
  4. [email protected] [/*]
  5. Preset adjustments [/*]
  6. image noise adjustment [/*]
  7. Nightshot adjustment [/*]
  8. Preset focal adjustment [/*]
  9. Af adjustment [/*]
  10. EV adjustment [/*]
  11. Mode camcorder mouse / correction [/*]
  12. still flash/redeye adjustment [/*]
  13. Wideangle andjustment in vid and or still [/*]
  14. Error icon "capt error" nightshot and flash [/*]
  15. Image adjustments [/*]
  16. my works/or play/delete file selection corrected with mouse/nav [/*]
  17. Image ajustment [/*]
  18. Internal partition modifications [/*]
  19. Video image adjusted [/*]
  20. txt bug file corrected
These are some of the issues that were corrected, and others that still need to be are:

  1. EV exposure Icon Missing [/*]
  2. EV level decreased/increased [/*]
  3. Wideangle at all videos on zoom 1.4x optical [/*]
  4. Tv playback setting turns off. [/*]
  5. Stops recording , Low speed card error [/*]
  6. Stops recording lowspeed card, duplicated lowspeed card, clock 01:14:49 [/*]
  7. External sound Low [/*]
  8. card protect error at given times [/*]
  9. Low battery icon on start of cam when recording [/*]
  10. high pitch interference (sound)on videos [/*]
  11. remote control delay.

What is firmware? Firmware is a command of adjustments to the cameras internal settings, features,
and functions, that can be tweaked for optimum proformance. For example;

Saturation is dull, not enough color, and you have no settings, the camera company will go in and
raise the saturation level by a level that they think is appropriate, and create a new Bin file.
And off the new file goes to a company, or t oa auto-email system.

Who is entitled to firmware:

All. Anyone who owns a Hybrid and can produce a serial number, and no need to have an excuse, for to be given.

It seems that a person or persons worldwide was told to say

  1. no firmware available [/*]
  2. firmware made special for one person [/*]
  3. beta-test only [/*]
  4. never heard of it [/*]
  5. there are no firmwares
and this list goes on and on......

Some Info that may be helpful to you:


Q1. Can I get the firmware? I have issues, I do not own the cam yet ,but like to have it so I can update
my cam when I get it in a week, in hand?

Answer. when cam in hand, fill registration via email/ or mail, contact support, for for instructions on
checking fw then update, and orginal file for cam will be given.

Q2. Sound has high Pitch, how can I correct this, and will firmware fix my issue?

Answer. Sound, high pitch can be a cause by the amount of interference in the air, feedback to the cams internal mic,
eliminating these factors may or may not improve
peak proformance. a test sample may be requested, for evaulation. and possable noise supressor needed.

Q3. My Video, color is bland or missing vividness. they are saturated, will fw fix my issues?

Answer. sautration: This option combats colors that are too strong and cannot be properly displayed on your
TV. The color saturation of the photos in question are "turned down"
to the maximum level at which they can be properly displayed. Each tv set is diiferent, as well as crt's
lcds, plasmas, and leds, editing programs will also correc this, Firmware may or may not be the aswer .

Q4 Can I reload back my orginal firmware if I do not like the old,

answer: yes you can load any gvs/z700 fw back as long as you have the instructions, file and expeirence.

Q5 will reloading outside firmware do good or harm to my camera

answer: you are acceptable to anything outside the companies doing. you must trust the outside source, the outside source is not a company and will not garantee your cam. you'll void the warranty

Q6 Will reloading firmware of the orginal fix my issues.

answer: no you'll load fw into the cams internalpartition and becomes part of the bios and or saved files,you may now have or not the new issues and cannot erase unless new firmware is writen with removal.

Q7. With FW's that are forother cams example GVS to the Z700, Z700 to the GVS, will there be issues?

answer: you may have issues and these issues will be unknown one issue will be lowspeed card error, you may need to flash back to a older version, but you must format cam, and continue , of the life of the cam, till a fix is made. flashing wrong firmware is not the answer to a fix.
future q & a's will be added

Feedback is very important, we have viewers of all ages, members, guests and anyone who passes by, they found the siteby triale and error, most viewed, and other.

The info provided was given by outside source, and found as well by outside source,and again is free to use.

Hard work, time, and dedication always goes into my work. Never do I miss a beat.andI do thank you

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