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could it be that the battery i bought from best batt didnt have high quality cells on it! which is one of the reasons it didnt last that long!

it may seem that way since i do believe that best get their batteries from china, and i do believe alot of low quality lithium ion cells comes out of china!

right now my origianl kodak klic-8000 is at its second cycle, it still feels pretty strong i am still averaging at around 500+ pictures with i guess 100+ with flash, and heavy usage on the zoom function!

one thing i noticed with the original kodak klic-8000 battery is that their cells comes from japan, and it says on the side manufactured in japan, and i would assume that kodak has strict quality standards as opposed to some battery made in china!

i am just wondering what would be the best way to handle the battery.

should i charge it even though its not fully drained yet ot should i wait until the low battery sign shows up, before i charge!

one thing i learned from china products is unless, it is subcontracted by some big company which has a name protect, they will try to cut cost in the manufacturing process which leaves us with substandard product!
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